Acoge Cambia una vida d Chernóbil - Fundación Juntos por la Vida

The process of family foster care begins the moment a family decides to incoporate a child from Ukraine in their life during two months in the summer and (optionally) one in Christmas.

It is a simple procedure and the foundation is with you every moment.

The boys and girls that come are between the ages of 6 and 10. All of the kids live in zones close to Chernobyl or they come from displaced families due to the internal conflicto in Donbass in the east of Ukraine.

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“El sentimiento de ser familia de acogida es casi indescriptible: una mezcla de alegría, generosidad,  nostalgia, agradecimiento y la creación de un vínculo familiar tan fuerte que parece increíble.” 


—  María Dolores y Emilio 

-Clara, 2018