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Desde finales de junio a finales de agosto

De 6 a 10 años 

Familias Comunidad Valenciana, Albacete, Madrid y Murcia

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The Family Foster/Host is a direct and effective social intervention mechanism, through which we continue bettering the quality of life of affected boys and girls. 

The Foundation Juntos por la Vida has been running international hosting programs since 1994.

Since then, more than 2,500 boys and girls have benefitted from our host programs, and more than 1,900 volunteers have participated directly in the foster host programs.

There have been a total of 7,000 arranged hosts.

Do you want to change a life?



On April 26 of 1986, the biggest nuclear accident that had ever happened took place. 

Provoking direct health consequences due to the high levels of radioactivity:

  • Increased cases of cancer, leukemia, and tuberculosis within the population of the contaminated zones

  • Trastornos circulatorias, digestivos y respiratorios.

  • Circulatory, digestive, and respiratory problems

And even more, psychological effects due to the separation of families and social uprisings due to deaths, disabilities, and thousands of displaced families form their homes.



One of the outcomes of this disaster is:

The existence of many boys and girls who live in the affected zone CURRENTLY TODAY, who not only lack basic nutrients for life, but also have health deficiencies, directly and indirectly related to the catastrophe.

According to the health authorities , it is very important for these children to spend time resting and rehabilitating far from the zone affected by radiation, given the big capacity that a child's body has to eliminate the radio nuclides in non-contaminated environments.

Through our host programs in Ukraine, children better their quality of life during their stays. They also promote a cultural and values exchange that benefits the affected children as much as it does to the host families, fostering values.


The humanitarian programs with children in vulnerable situations in Ukraine have shown visible results through the years, materializing in three main areas:

  • the improvement of health.

  • the promotion of the value of coexistence.

  • la  guarantee of a future through education


Fundación Juntos por la Vida de CV © está inscrita en el Registro de Fundaciones de la Comunitat Valenciana con el número 482V


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Valencia 46006 - España

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