Cooperación Ucrania - Valencia JxLV


Our concern for the future of youth has made us develop various projects that gaurentee the social welfare and a future for children who have been beneficiaries of our host programs and have Spanish as a link. 

  • We are concerned with social justice, the integration of different groups, such as immigrants and people with disabilities, and the development of values that children and youth have acquired from co-living with host families.

  • We intend to promote education in values, career guidance and sustainability, promoting Spanish culture and ensuring communication in the network between different groups.

  • One of our fundamental objectives is networking with local civil organizations and other international institutions that have our same goals and concerns.


We chanel out actions through Club de Amigos de España created in Irpen, the area where most of the incoming children for host families come from.


  • They hold Spanish classes for boys and girls, and also for adults.

  • Cultural Activities

  • Integration workshops for people displaced of a home due to the armed conflict 

  • Actividades para el fomento de los derechos humanos:  I CONCURSO FOTOGRAFIA contra Violencia de Género 

  • Activities for the promotion of human rights: PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION against Gender Violence

  • Humanitary aid to IDPs

And, every month, we send approximately 60Kg of humanitary help, among the highlights: medications, clothes like coats, and many other things.

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