We started in the year 1994 as the Fundación Abogados sin Fronteras (Lawyers Without Borders), with the purpose of helping children affected by Chernobyl. Since then, the foundation has branched into two organizations, la Asociación Ucrania (Ukraine Association) in 2000, made for host families, and in 2008, la Fundacion Juntos por la Vida (Foundation Together for Life). Our foundation was made with the intention of increasing the work in Ukraine and other developing countries like Benin in Africa.

Since 1994, the foundations have created benefits for more than 1000 children from our foster host programs, and more than 1900 volunteers have participated directly. There have been a total of 7000 arrangments of hosting. The humanitarian programs in Ukraine have created visible results in three big areas:

-the improvement of health

-the promotion of values based on coexistance

-the gaurentee of a future through educación.


Acogimento Familiar en Valencia

And all of this has been acompanied by projects of cooperation in Ukraine. We have created two centers for learning spanish, encouraging the advance of knowledge and values like solidarity and intercultural exchanges.

Acogimiet familiar internacional

Everything we do has been possible thanks to our volunteers, who because of their involvment and desire to change lives, have contantly been working. In 2017 a new project emerged to expand our solidarity work to a very different territory than Ukraine, but with the same necessities as those when we arrived in the zone of Chernobyl. In 2017 we traveled to Benin, and once again, felt the same desire to change the lives of hundreds of people from Benine.






Escuela Alexda en Benin

Since the summer of 2017 we started to work hard, and we have built a new space in Valencie where we work on our projects and promote solidarity and social awareness in our environment right here. We work with the goal to unite forces i order to fight to change more lives.

In October of 2017 we started Espai Solidaria, an open space to donate and buy second hand clothes, do activities and workshops with the aim to gather funds. And al of this is possible because of our committed and enthusiastic volunteers.

Meanwhile our work in Benin is starting to gain strength, and in January 2018 we opened the school Alexda. A group of boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 17 are attending school for the first time. At the same time, we are continuing to run our project with el Coro Benin gBé (The Benin Chorus), a chorus of children and youth from Benin who travel to Spain to give a concert and live with host families.


We are working on many other projects as well, a professional school, a design school, etc.

We are starting to grow and to reach more people, strengthening our programs and foundation.