The Foundation Juntos por la Vida is a non-governmental organization of development and volunteer work, that channels the efforts of all our partners and volunteers to fight for social justice, the eradication of poverty, and the defense of human rights, especially those of children, through access to education, health services, and nutrition.  

Equipo de Juntos por la Vida



Our mission is to change the lives of boys and girls in situations of extreme poverty an vulnerability in devloping countries, through access to education, culture, and health, providing them with a worthy future.

We believe that education is the main force for socal change, through which we can eradicate poverty. We work to provide a wothy future to the children who need it most, in particular, in Ukraine and Benin, two different cultures and countries, but with many of the same problems.

We believe that children should be in the first line of action because they are the key to change and social transofrmation.

We believe that learning and knowledge are the fundamental tools to empower people.

We believe that all boys and girls should have the opportunity to have acces to education and knowledge.


We believe that solidarity is the principal by which we will succeed in creating a global society that respects and promotes human rights.

We believe in the importance of the preserverance of our actions. We think about long term solutions, and we do not abandon our projects, but rather we create them to be sustainable and long lasting.

We believe in coexistance and foster care as values to create connections between people and to generate a direct impact on the families and children involved for their personal growth and learning.


We believe in justice, as global recognition of human rights for all people.

We believe in Sustainable Development, and in the importance to leave the world a better place for future generations. Therefore we commit ourselves to responsible consumption, and we act with ecological conscience.

We believe that Transparency and an understanding with our partners and environment is fundamental to give our actions value and to create trust and legitimacy in what we do.